Get Familiar With Major Do’s & Don’ts Of Vector Artwork

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A very important part in the business world is obtaining artwork. If you do not have the right content you would not be able to promote your business or brand. You must have all heard about the vector art also called draw graphics. In short, these vector files uses mathematics algorithm to change the size of the image without any loss in its quality. Such files are used to design logos of companies. There are many ways to use it but every good thing comes with its cons. So here we have some of the do’s and don’ts of vector art.


  • Avoid adding text to your images unless it is needed as some clients do not like additional editing.
  • Use auto-tracing as minimum as you can.
  • Using the correct anchor points is very important. Because when we use too many the image will be barbed and if we use less it will look flat and unreal.
  • When it comes to arranging your file, make sure your artboard is at least 15 MP and do not forget to label your layers.
  • After editing the picture do not forget to check the quality of the image and to do that you can zoom in the picture to 100% to check if there are any lines or distortion in the picture.


  • Avoid choosing JPEG pictures for the editing.
  • Adding your name or signature to the graphic is not professional.
  • Do not upload the same graphic with different backgrounds as it will show repetition.
  • Files like .txt, .ppt, .doc are a big no-no in vector artwork. These files are software extensions and therefore, cannot be used in vector artwork.
  • Do not use fancy fonts and avoid mixing two different fonts in one artwork.

So these were few do’s and don’ts and I guess we pretty much told you every important point to keep in mind when using vector artwork. Well, if you do not have much time then you will be happy to know that there is a long list of vector art agency out there to help you out with your design. However, if you want to design by yourself, you are now all set to try some artwork by knowing major do’s and don’ts. So what you are waiting for, discover another creative side of you with easy steps.


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