How To Know If You Need Tooth Surgery?

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Your smile is the most beautiful asset! As much as you want to save your teeth, sometimes surgery is the only solution. The trouble causing tooth is uprooted from the bone, and this process is called a tooth extraction. However, one must always be aware of when is the right time for you to get tooth surgery done. If you are also looking for dental implant clinics, the following points might help you.

Signs you need Tooth Surgery

Most common signs that clearly indicate you need a tooth surgery are mentioned below:-

Tooth Pain

Pain, though not the only reason, is the most significant reason that you might need tooth surgery. The reason for your tooth pain can be cavities or sensitivity. However, in some cases, it can be due to improperly done filling, root canal and other dental treatments. If your pain is not subsiding with the common sedatives, it might be an indication that you need to get tooth surgery done.

Wisdom Tooth

It is the most common scenario to get the wisdom tooth extracted. Once this tooth erupts, it usually shows abnormal growth and crowds other teeth. In the worst-case scenarios, the wisdom tooth finds it hard to erupt and starts to cause discomfort. In this situation, there is no other solution than to get your tooth removed.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decays happen with age or can be the repercussion of bad oral hygiene. The particular tooth in question gets damaged beyond repair. Hence, root canals and cavity filling procedures don’t help. It is advisable to find the best specialist to help extract the tooth from the bone.

Diseased Gums

Bad oral hygiene and not getting regular dental checkups can give severe infections and other gum diseases. The bacteria that accumulate on your teeth can eventually rot away your teeth, making them weak enough to do simple things like chewing. Furthermore, tooth infections, if not treated on time, can move to the jawbones. Hence affecting other teeth as well. Therefore, your doctor will suggest the surgery if:

  • You have a severe tooth infection that’s growing
  • Your teeth are week and can’t support activities like chewing


If your tooth grows at a place crowding the other teeth, it harms the fitting of your jaw. It will result in the weakening of teeth along with the displacement of the tooth that is growing. More than this, it is often accompanied by pains, discomfort and decays in the long run. Hence if your dentist sees any displacement, he might suggest extracting that tooth to save all others.

With the right specialist by your side, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Many London dental implant clinics provide all the assistance helping keep your smile intact. Make the right choice and only opt for the best specialist with better procedures.  


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