It’s Time To Set Your Business’s Public Image Right

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Consumers know a business by its reputation, which can be a good or bad thing. When people hear a company name or see its logo, they instantly have an opinion about the business. The goal to ensure consumers have positive emotions when they think of the business. Eliminate the confusion today and set your business’s public image right.

What Is Public Image?

Image is the perception people have of the company when they hear its name. A myriad of facts, history, advertising, goals, and events make an impression on consumers and determine a business’s public image. A small situation can get blown out of proportion and harm a company’s image. Fortunately, there are ways to get past a poor image and be viewed favorably. Focus on your PR strategy to ensure your company always has a shining public image.

Establish an Appealing Online Presence

Modern businesses of all sizes and types are expected to establish and maintain a noteworthy online presence. The company must have a professional website to promote it and attract customers via search engines. The website content should be straightforward, honest, and optimized to include relevant keyword to help people find it. Add a blog to the site to share useful updates and keep the content fresh. Establish social media accounts in the company name. Post updates regularly, connect with people, and be interactive rather than delivering an ongoing monologue. People like businesses that are communicative and accessible.

Develop  A Compelling Advertising Campaign

Thoughtful advertising is one of the best ways to transform a business’s public image. Nowadays it becomes easy for small business turned to advertising. Start with a creative website and online ads that focus on a specific concept or niche. Develop a company voice, from authoritative to whimsical, so people instantly recognize it. Use ads to create an image people relate to and want to interact with today and in the future. Be trustworthy, forthcoming, and memorable to ensure the public recalls the company when they need its offerings. An ad campaign should get people talking, which is the first step to building an excellent public image.

Communicate With the Press

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The press helps companies get positive PR and promotes all types of businesses. Communicate with the media by attending local events, sponsoring teams, and supporting charities. Engage in discussions about industry issues and be willing to talk to reporters about them. Work with a public relations firm to develop an educational media relations campaign that lets the press know about the company’s latest progress, such as beneficial products and services. Start up relationships with bloggers and influencers who write articles and reviews.

Be Accessible and Available

Today there are multiple channels of communication, and businesses must use all of them to connect with the public. Maintain a physical address where snail mail is sent and received as well as a corporate email address. Be accessible via social media and check the accounts regularly to reply promptly. Other means of communication include phones, video chat, online chat, and text message. Customers should always be able to use their preferred method of communication to contact a business and stay in touch.

Keep Employees Happy

Word-of-mouth matters, making it crucial for companies to be mindful in all interactions. Happy employees have a positive perception of their employer. When people are proud to work for a company, they talk about it online and in-person. Maintain strong relationships with employees and associates to ensure they are always saying good things about the business. Plus, these are the people who help develop the public image of a company. Choose intelligent, helpful candidates who make the business look great at all times.

Predictable Pricing

Pricing is another aspect people talk about, especially if they get an excellent deal or feel they were wronged. The goal is to avoid the latter by having predictable pricing and disclosing all details to people before they make a purchase. Companies that strive to deliver quality and value will always be perceived positively. Make competitive pricing and clear communications a top priority to avoid having disgruntled customers who talk about it.

Outstanding Customer Service

Few things are more frustrating than trying to communicate with a company that does not respond or understand. Customer service is a crucial aspect to maintain a good public image. Have a team dedicated to answering questions, developing relationships, and handling complaints. The team should be well-trained to handle any issue that might arise during doing business. A responsive and responsible customer service department boosts a business’s public image.

Encourage Reviews and Recommendations

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Some companies offer incentives, while others do a stellar job to get rave reviews and recommendations. Encourage satisfied customers to talk about their experiences. Maintain a presence on social media and directory websites, such as Yext. Let people know the company values their business, and always express thanks for their trust. Then ask them to write a review or recommendation to let others know about their wonderful experiences. Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to improve a company’s public image.

 Be Well-Organized

A professional appearance, sleek promotional items, and a robust consumer database are the cornerstones to success. The company should be consistent in its marketing approach by using the same colors and logo on all brochures and websites. Be aware of details such as photographs used to represent the company and its team. Establish an organized approach to marketing. Maintain a customer database to make it easy to stay in touch with customers and prospects. Have a routine for following up, such as an email newsletter or sending catalogs via snail mail. The more people hear the company name, the more likely they will remember it when they are ready to make a purchase.

 The perception people have of the business drives their decisions. Use marketing and communications to establish an ongoing rapport based on trust, reliability, and quality. Be consistent, and soon the company will have a great image that attracts more leads and improves conversion rates.  You’ll be amazed at the results of a strong PR campaign.


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