Placing Bets On American Football

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While all American sports are unsurprisingly more popular in their own country, there are a lot of sports fans who are taking an interest in building their own NFL tips back in the UK. Some of the Superbowl final matches have been played at Wembley Stadium in London over recent years, so it’s easy to see how enjoyable it is in other countries away from the United States.

Where can I find good NFL tips?

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The growing demand in coverage over American football has also prompted a rise in the number of people who want NFL betting tips to get behind. This is currently limited to only a handful of websites but one place where you’ll find a selection of recommended bets on key American football matches is through TeamFA, who are knowledgeable over the sport and always look to help newcomers with picking their own NFL tips.

It’s hard to define what makes a good American football tip but it’s mostly based around the genuine insight and track record of the betting website you’re following. While TeamFA have proven their knowledge surrounding the American National Football League over several years of posting out carefully crafted NFL tips, there are a lot of places which are picking out results at random, so you need to make sure that you’re looking at other websites and conducting your own research before placing a bet.

Betting markets for the NFL

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In sports like rugby and American football, the winning margin for either side tends to be so high that handicaps feature alongside the match result. They sometimes even appear on the bookmaker page before the match result, as there’s more value in betting on the points handicap than there is through merely betting on who will win the match. It’s also similar to rugby in the way that you won’t be able to bet on a draw, as it’s almost impossible that the fixture would result as a draw with so many methods of taking points.

Handicap markets which appear at the top of the page won’t only include by how many points either side will win or lose, also including options to back more specific handicap groups and a few variations on the total match points. Statistics markets play a big part in NFL betting, with opportunities to bet on home points, away points, points in every quarter, and any variation that NFL fans could potentially consider betting on.


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