Simple Tips For Daily Decluttering

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Most family homes are packed to the rafters with bits and bobs that they consider essential. When you look more closely however there are hundreds of items that are simply unused or not even of any use in any way. A happy household needs to be clean and organised and below are five tips to keep in mind to ensure your home is decluttered.

Keep Records

If you keep track of what you use and what you don’t then it makes throwing things out much easier. Make a list of what you use and then the things which don’t feature on the list can be simply thrown away or sold on. If those straightening irons have gone unused for over a year then chances are you’re not going to use them again – you just don’t need them. Things you do need but are used infrequently can be stored away out of sight.

Keep Sentimentality Out

The world’s worst hoarders are the most sentimental people. It’s very hard to part ways with items which you’ve attached sentimental meaning to but you genuinely need to start anew. Although you may associate an object with a person, your memory of that person is much more valuable than the physical object. Rather than keeping piles of keepsakes why not turn them into a photo album? Take a photograph of each item and then you can create a keepsake photo album to remember those things without having to keep the massive pile sitting around your home.

Recycling And Selling Your Goods

Once you’ve decided what you want to get rid of, the next step is to get rid of it in an eco-friendly way! You could choose to recycle your products through a normal way or you could share them amongst friends in need.
There’s also nothing wrong with getting some cash back on all your clutter. Go forth and sell the Macbook Pro that was buried under piles of paper and you’ll surely be able to find buyers for designer shoes you no longer wear.

Tech Power

Take advantage of technology and give yourself even more space. The opportunity to digitise things like your music and film collection means you can rid yourself of those piles of DVDs and CDs and give yourself much more breathing space.

If you’re a book hoarder then why not think about selling them all on and using the cash to buy an eReader? This way you’ll have plenty of space in your home but still be able to access your full library.

Change Attitudes

Removing all the clutter and mess from your home is just the beginning. From there on in you need to change your mind set completely. You need to change how you view purchases and only buy things you need and occasionally things you want.

Impulse buying everything you see and immediately want will not keep your house fresh and clean for long. Adopt a new attitude to every single purchase and you’ll soon be amazed by how clean your home stays.


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