Spring Wedding Checklist

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It may not be as popular as summer for wedding season, but spring is still one of the most beautiful times of year to get married. Flowers and trees are beginning to blossom and can make for some stunning décor.

Rain, Or Shine?

In the days and even weeks, leading up to your wedding, you can be forgiven for becoming obsessed with the weather forecast. Many couples choose spring, as the season for their wedding due to the milder temperatures, however, as seen recently, there is always the chance of unseasonably warm, or cold weather.

With this in mind, invest in some umbrellas to offer to your guests. It’s also a good idea to invest in heat lamps for colder evenings, or a provisional plan for renting fans, should it prove to be unusually warm. You want your guests to be comfortable, after all.

Colourful Catering

With springtime weddings, it’s important that the significance of the season is seen on the menu. As it is the season of renewal and growth, use this to reflect the beginning of your life as a married couple.

Add colourful food items to the menu; lighter garden greens are a great choice. Cucumber sandwiches, fresh fish and strawberries and cream are sure to go down a storm.

Spring Wedding Flowers

What’s a wedding without several beautiful bouquets of flowers? A spring wedding is a perfect way to let all of your floral fantasies be known. Peonies, amaranthus, baby’s breath, ranunculus, eucalypti and succulents are all brilliantly colourful and incredibly versatile. These flowers are the ultimate in spring bloom, and should certainly be considered.

Spring-Inspired Wedding Favours

Why not prepare your guests for those sunny summer BBQ-filled, beer garden days to come? From wine stoppers to hand fans and flip-flops, you can purchase such items online and customise them with your wedding date – an ideal wedding favour if ever there was one.

You could even create flower seed packets, complete with a mini watering can, if you really want to hone in on that spring theme. Plus, each time your guests look into their garden or water their plant, they’ll think of your magical day.  

Spring Wedding CakeTrends

Admittedly, red velvet and dark chocolate ganache are delicious, but for spring weddings, these should be ditched in favour of lighter flavours. Raspberry, lemon and vanilla flavouring and icing make for the perfect spring wedding cake – dress the fresh flowers and succulents and it will look almost as wonderful as the all-important wedding dress!


Choosing the venue is arguably the biggest thing on your checklist. It’s likely you already have a style in mind and, with a spring wedding, it’s possible that you may want the option of outdoor space.

If you’re looking for wedding reception venues in Chester-le-Street, then Chester-le-Street Cricket Club can make for a wonderful location. Stand proudly beside your loved one with the Lumley Castle as a stunning backdrop to the famous, picturesque cricket field.

This idyllic, fourteenth-century castle can be seen over a full-length glass balcony, and the Cricket Club’s facilities include a private bar and full disco. For a truly special day, you need a special venue, and this is exactly that.


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