Benefits Of Getting Mitral Valve Stenosis Check As Soon As You Can

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Mitral stenosis correction is considered a healthy option for a person facing a leak of the Mitral valve. Mitral valve is relatively better as it offers less risk of complication and ultimately supports larger or higher term survival. For such a specific cause, particular doctors are focused to correct the Mitral valve.

What problems can come with Mitral Valve

If you get your mitral valve repaired there is less risk of failure of the operation. Failures are observed somewhere 1 failure in 100. Also, the risk factor lies within 1%. The diseases which need surgery will ultimately affect the risk. One can consult their doctor related to risks associated with the surgery.

The time required for repairing of Mitral Valve 

Completing the repairing process, at about ten years, 95% of total individuals are set free from operations.  Also, such terms are about 90% if seen for 20 years. Hence, the reoperation is not as usual after the valve is repaired. Additionally, patients repaired from surgery should follow essential procedures to prevent the occurrence of infections.

Benefits of Repair of Mitral Valve 

  • The lifestyle of an individual improves
  • Lesser chances of stroke
  • Good working of the heart

Repairing mitral valve stenosis is relatively more complicated than replacement of its. Also, well-experienced doctors have higher chances of attaining the desired outcome.

How to treat Mitral valve stenosis

In a few scenarios’ treatments of the Mitral valve prolapse is not required. However, if you exhibit some notable symptoms, then the doctor might consider treating such a condition. Taking medication is part of the treatment program to get relief from the symptoms you are suffering. The most common medication which might also be included in your case hence prescribed by your doctor are:-

  • Beta-blockers to prevent the heart from irregular beating and also improving blood flow.
  • Aspirin can help in reducing the risk related to blood clots.
  • Diuretics help in removing extra or excessive fluid from the lungs.
  • Blood thinners could prevent blood clotting.
  • Vasodilators result in widening blood cells.

However, if your condition is quite severe like issues related to impaired heart functioning or some severe problem, you might require surgery.

There are two significant types of surgery for such kinds of issues: valve repair and valve replacement. The doctor will surely advise you to opt for repairing the valve if possible, to get the best results.

In several cases, repairing is not possible; the valve might also be replaced with a biological valve that gets harvested from a pig or a cow or else created from human tissue. Pros and cons for both types of valves are available. Certainly, your doctor can confirm everything before starting this typical procedure. So you should take expert advice before opting for the procedure.


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