Handmade Soaps – Trendsetter For A Healthy Living

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What is the latest trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm? Well, it is the general inclination of the customers towards all natural products, especially organic products from sources like StoneClean Soap.

People, irrespective of their sexes and social status are now turning towards all natural soap bars since they have finally understood the harmful effects of your run-of-the-mill soap bars.

The soaps bars that smell heavenly are made to appeal to your senses as the manufacturers use all artificial ingredients like synthetic perfumes, lathering agents, preservative and related harsh chemicals to make them desirable.

Natural soap bars are nothing like that. They are made using natural ingredients, natural fats (vegetable oil), essential oils for perfume minus preservatives or chemicals. It makes using and switching to natural soap bars all the more appealing and safe . It is applicable especially to those who want to lead a healthier life.

This being said, here are a few reasons why handmade soaps are redefining the means to a healthy living:

Natural soap bars are packed with glycerin!

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When it comes to keeping your skin moisturized, soft and looking younger, there is no better alternative than using glycerin for the job. The best part of using natural soap bars is that the primary ingredient in this remarkable beauty product is glycerin.

Glycerin is formed during the process of making natural soap bars. It comes out when natural oil, butter, water, and essential oils are mixed together. The best part, unlike artificial soap bars is that natural soap bars are packed with skin softening and moisturizing agent glycerin. So, go for it and switch to natural soap bars.

Natural soap bars are made using natural fats!

Natural soap bars are made using all natural fats sourced from plants. Instead of using palm oil or animal fats, more eco-friendly alternatives like cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil are used to manufacture natural soap bars. Natural, plant-based fats are not only good for the environment, but they are also good for your skin.

Natural soap bars are all natural ingredients minus chemicals and artificial preservatives!

Natural soap bars, as the name suggests and as mentioned earlier, are made using all-natural ingredients. They are known for their limited shelf life which may sound like an inconvenience to some but that is not really the case if you dig a bit deeper. Your run-of-the-shelf artificial soap bars are known for their long shelf lives, it is due to the fact that artificial soap bars are packed with artificial preservatives that enable them to keep their hardened shape intact. It also allows them to keep their ingredients from vaporizing and mixing with the air & water in an accelerated way.

Natural soap bars need to be kept in wooden boxes and in an area that is devoid of excess ambient humidity. The wooden box ensures that the essential oils present in the soap bar that is used for perfume purposes stay in the bar for extended periods of time.

It is advised not to fall for the looks of a chemical made soap bars. Good looks does not  mean that the same is better. It is best to opt for smaller bars of natural soaps since they have better results for our skin. Anything which is made naturally is any day better not only for our body but also for the environment. Healthy lifestyle be it in any way is better for us on any given day.


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