Could A Freebee Help To Encourage Returning Business?

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There are a number of marketing techniques to attract new customers, but how do you inspire existing customers to return? A popular method is giving away free products in printed bags to encourage returning business. So, how beneficial is this and how can it be carried out successfully? 

The Benefits Of Freebees 

Free samples of a product have a lot of power, especially when they are given away in a reusable bag with your brand printed on. Giving freebees away allows your business to introduce a new product to your new audiences and existing customers, as well as inspire loyalty with these customers. These freebees also encourage returning customers and earn attention for your brand leading up to and at an event. 

Giving away freebees with your logo on the product, will promote your brand whenever the customer uses the product. Additionally, you can giveaway a product in a reusable bag or simply give a carrier/canvas/jute bag away with your brand logo on, which can be used by customers again and again, promoting your brand wherever it’s used. 

How Can Using Social Media Help? 

It is hard to scroll through social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and not see a competition to win a free product by simply tagging friends and sharing the post. This marketing strategy is successful as you can get the customers to do all the work. By giving away freebee products or services, you are encouraging current customers to pass the word on to new customers, and reengaging returning clients through the competition. Without paying anything, you can have your customers spread your merchandise, website and brand across all social platforms. The more expensive the prize, it’s more likely that people will want to win it, which in turn, will increase the amount of likes and shares the post receives. 

How Freebee Marketing Strategies Work 

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when conducting a freebee marketing strategy. Firstly, it’s important to remember that your freebee strategy should have consistency and be incorporated with the whole strategy, as opposed to an isolated campaign. 

The freebee strategy should be targeted at your target audience; carry out market and competitor research before launching the marketing strategy. By knowing more about your audience, you can make your freebee strategy more engaging and successful. 

Make your freebee desirable and interesting for your customers, not something they will throw away. It needs to be something that your customers will want to use again and again, as opposed to throw away. Target those that already have the trust of your customers, by reaching out to social influencers, who can share their experience with the product and promote your giveaway. 

A freebee is an excellent way to encourage returning business and reengage existing customers. Take time planning a freebee marketing strategy to successfully increase brand awareness and visibility of your company, products and service. Remember everyone loves a freebee, so entice your current customers to continue shopping from your company with a giveaway!


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