Guide To Choosing The Best Travel Underwear

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The essential item that someone should miss in his pack list when traveling or at any place is  underwear. Notable is that traditional cotton underwear is not a good option due the fact that it drys slowly, yet they absorb moisture.

This means that cotton is not comfortable or hygienic for a person to wear for a lengthy time in the course of traveling. You should be aware there is an alternative to traditional cotton underwear.

Travel underwear really is a basic item to all travelers while on a trip. It is advantageous as it dries very fast, thus you can wash it more often and reduce the number travel underwear you pack while traveling. You can wear them for a long time because of the comfort they offer.

This guide clearly outlines the best underwear for your travel, thus will be helpful in deciding the underwear to pack in your next trip to avoid inconveniences that you could have thought about earlier.

Why do you need travel underwear?

On our travels, we tend to give some things little thought while others we give them critical thought. During travel, we offer little thought to boxer briefs despite them being a basic item. You should be aware that buying a pair meant for travel comes with several benefits.

Below are the benefits associated with underwear designed specifically for travel.

Travel underwear dries faster: You will save laundry costs by considering travel underwear when traveling. They take a few hours to dry and they are quick and easy to wash by using your hands. This means that the money that you will spend on travel underwear will be reduced significantly.

You will save space in your luggage: The material used to make travel underwear is thinner as compared to the traditional underwear, thus will occupy less space of your bag. You will need to pack less underwear while traveling because faster drying and easy washing. This guarantees you that more space will be saved which is not the case when the traditional cotton underwear is considered.

More comfortable to wear: The design of travel underwear helps to reduce odor, prevent chafing and eliminate moisture, thus your long journey will be more comfortable. Travel underwear are less restrictive and more breathable. In case of the traditional underwear not all these issues will be overcome, thus your comfort will be at stake.

Stronger than normal underwear: Travel underwear is designed to be more durable than normal underwear since they are meant for more regular use than average underwear.

Some have concealed pockets: Which is the right place to keep your cash or backup card? You will totally conceal your cash or backup by using underwear. Some underwear for travel have concealed pockets.

It is important to note that travel underwear is expensive, but investment in quality underwear will be beneficial when compared to the cotton underwear.

How to Choose the Best Travel Underwear

1. Material

While majority of the travel underwear need to meet the requirements of fast-drying underwear, there are some which don’t. You need information of materials which dry fast and those that do not.

Travel underwear whose material is nylon and even a mixture of nylon and lycra will have a faster drying rate. The materials are good in wicking away moisture and guarantee quick drying.

Merino wool and bamboo are other material that travel underwear can be made from. They are good at wicking away moisture and possess antibacterial properties.

Cotton can also be used in some travel underwear. The cotton underwear will be good because of styles which entail pockets and other designs that boost convenience, despite not being fast when it comes to drying.

2. Cut

Travel underwear exist in both attractive and unattractive styles just as it is with the normal underwear. They have various cuts for you to choose for your use.

For the case of men, they have travel underwear which have jockstraps and boxer brief styles that are similar to the normal underwear. You need to read other reviews of travel underwear to increase the possibility of purchasing underwear that is the right size.

This is because many men have been complaining of buying travel underwear in the wrong size in the past when they purchased larger size than they expected.

3. Style

You should be aware that there are other styles of travel underwear other than those that dry very fast.It is good to know of the travel underwear with concealed pockets that can help to keep cash and backup card.

The concealed pocket is found on the sides of the travel underwear.You should learn that they can be as well located at the back to ensure your excess cash and credit cards are stored. The concealed pockets offer a good option to protect your valuable against pickpockets.


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