Here’s Why One Should Buy Hip Flasks

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Hip flasks are making a comeback! Hip flasks are metallic flasks with limited dimensions that are used to store liquids, preferably alcoholic beverages.

However, not all kinds of alcoholic beverages are meant to be stored in hip flasks. Flasks are designed to store undiluted spirits. Undiluted spirits do not react with the material of the flask thus ensuring the original taste; the texture and composition of the beverage remain intact. The best alcoholic beverages that can be stored in hip flasks are hard liquors namely –

  • Scotch
  • Whiskey
  • Rum and
  • Vodka.

Benefits Of Owning Hip Flasks

One might think that owning hip flasks can lead them to the snobbery section of society. But that is not the case. Just like cigarette cases and engraved flip-top lighters, hip flasks are considered a convenient yet very fashionable accessory these days!

Furthermore, owning a hip flask also allows one to steer clear of extremely ‘friendly’ bartenders. At the same time, one can also keep away from expensive pub menus.

The times are pretty tough these days, especially from a financial point of view. Hence, if one is planning to cut down on their ‘pub expenses’ but does not want to shun the healthy habit of socialising then investing in quality assured hip flasks is the way of the wise.

So Where Can One Carry A Hip Flask?

Public intoxication is illegal in the UK, for the right reasons. Hence, it is best to take a hip flask to a restaurant that serves liquor. Furthermore, one can also take their prized collection of hip flasks to their preferred pub. One can also take a hip flask on a picnic, at a football game or when one is hitting multiple pubs with their friends on weekends.

The best part about owning hip flasks is that one would not need to even worry about carrying them. Due to their limited dimensions, hip flasks tend to hide pretty well in one’s pockets!

One Has To Take Care Of Their Hip Flask(S)

Hip flasks need periodic cleaning to ensure their longevity. Furthermore, filthy hip flasks can also alter the taste, texture and composition of undiluted spirits. For the best results, one must take care of their hip flasks in the following manner.

One must clean the exterior of the flask with a damp cloth dipped in a dilute mixture of dish soap and water. One must make sure that the lid of the flask is tightly sealed as one should not let soap water enter the cavity of the flask.

To clean the cavity of the flask, one has to use hot water. One has to fill up the flask with hot water then close the lid and keep the flask standing for a while. After some time, one has to empty the flask and let the same air dry by keeping its lid wide open.


Hip flasks were common accessories back in the day. However, hip flasks are making a comeback. For the best results, one must make sure that they are buying their hip flask from reputed e-stores or offline outlets. This is the only way to ensure that the flask would last long and won’t be a total waste of money!


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