How to create organized content?

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Content marketing is responsible for the creation, publication and distribution of contents. The contents are meant for a targeted audience. Content marketing is used for the expansion of a business’s customer base. Moreover, it is also used for the generation or increment of online sales. Furthermore, such marketing processes can be used to attract the attention of users.

Content marketing doesn’t rely on creating demand for the fulfilment of a new need. It mainly facilitates the process of meeting existing customers to get information. Such marketing is intended to fulfil the needs of the customer. The information collected from customers can be presented through white papers, infographics, podcasts, video, photos, case studies, etc,.

History of content marketing

    • Benjamin Franklin got to issue the Poor Richard’s Almanack in 1732 for the promotion of his printing business.
    • Johnson & Johnson had led the introduction to a publication named, “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment” in 1888.
    • John Deere had launched a magazine called, The Furrow in 1895 which could provide information to farmer for a profitable business.
    • Michelin led the development of Michelin Guide in 1900 to offer information on auto maintenance and accommodations.

Effect of rise of content marketing

The rise of content marketing has given a boost to traditional businesses to help them turn into media publishing companies. For some instances,

    • A high-energy beverage selling company, Red Bull has used content marketing at an extremely high level to grow in business. Its activities include publication of YouTube videos and providing sponsorship to several events such as, mountain biking, motocross, Formula 1 racing, BMX, etc,. The company has also made the world of its existence through the publication of an international monthly magazine named ‘The Red Bulletin’.
    • com, a website based on personal finance has made the successful use of content marketing to generate an audience for the sale of a particular product. This company has been able to do so through their blog, MintLife. The blog contains guides to pay college fees, to acquire savings for an accommodation and, living a debt-free life.
    • Content marketing has also aided in the development of several online platforms. For an instance, YouTube has benefited from content marketing. In 2016, YouTube had an enormous 1 billion users. Moreover, an online business directory namely, Yelp has seen an affirmative growth in its reviews.

Metrics used in content marketing

There are certain common metrics used for the determination of success associated with a content marketing.

    • For the expansion of businesses to a greater number of customers certain businesses pay heed to the changes in the volume of visitors. The volume associated in such businesses constitute the number of visitors a page has been visited by, along with the number of emails collected. For a healthy engagement, businesses also look through the time spent by each visitor on the page.
    • Brand health is another metric involved in the measurement of impact posed by a business’s messages on the consumers. Specifically, brand health revolves around the feedbacks collected from the consumers for a company. the importance of a brand can also be measured through this common metric.
    • For an increment in sales, businesses should focus on traditional e-commerce metrics. They should look for a customer’s buying habits through the amount of time spent by him per page and other engagements too.

YEAH! Local has made the organisation of contents easier. Content marketing should emphasise the continuous delivery of quality contents to meet the needs of the customer. In such marketing, direct sales are not involved. Rather, the trust of the audience is preferably won.


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