How To Protect Your Home During A Renovation Project

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Starting a home renovation project can be exciting. You might be getting that kitchen you have always dreamed about or adding on an extra room to your home. Whatever the remodeling project might be, there is a huge need to protect your home and belongings during the process. There are many things you can do in order to not only protect your home during the renovation, but make cleaning up afterwards easier as well. You can find many great products to use for protecting your floors such as heavy duty surface protection from companies like Trimaco. Below are some ideas to take into consideration.

Wrap Your Windows And Treatments

During a renovation project, your home’s windows can get very dirty and be at risk of getting damaged or shattered. If you need your windows open, just use plastic to cover the treatments. If you don’t need to open them, removing the treatments could be risky because parts and pieces can easily get lost or broken. Instead, cover the windows and the window treatments with plastic and painter’s tape. This will protect them from dust and debris and make cleaning up easier.

Room Dust Barrier

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Though this may be a given for the professionals, most homeowners who tackle their own renovations have never heard of using a friction-fit room dust barrier. If you are working in one room in particular, you can build a temporary wall using plastic sheeting. This is a great way to keep the dust you create while working from getting into other rooms.

Cover Countertops And Tables

Any flat surface in your home will at some point become a spot to lay down a tool. If you value the surface of your counters or tables, consider taping down some cardboard on top of the surface before you begin your project. This will help to protect against stains, scratches and nicks.

Protect Wall Corners

When bringing in tools, wood, furniture and other materials, it is inevitable that the corners of your walls could get dinged. It can happen to anyone no matter how careful they are trying to be. For extra protection and peace of mind, tape some cardboard strips down each wall corner for padding. This can protect the wall from minor accidental hits. Be sure to use painter’s tape so you don’t rip off paint when done.

These are just a couple of the top tips for protecting your home during a renovation project. The more surfaces you protect, the less damage you will have to worry about occurring. Nothing would be worse than getting a new project completed to your satisfaction and then realizing you damaged other areas of your home in the process.


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