How To Turn Off Your Tech When On Holiday

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When going on holiday, technology should be the least of your concerns. Yet it does occupy an important part of our daily life, so it is something you should spare a thought for.

To this end, here are a few tips for how to turn your tech off whilst you’re on holiday. This includes looking at all your home technology in addition to the choice technology you bring with you; it also includes a look at how you can sell your stuff to give you extra holiday money.

At Home: Power Off

When you’re abroad, you’re arguably leaving most of your technology at home. Whilst it’s easy to not think about it as a result, this is something you should consider before you leave. Whilst certain items, such as the humble fridge, should be left on, a lot of your technology doesn’t need to be left on for a week. No one is going to watch your TV or use your computer, so why leave the power on? This is just a drain on electricity. Any updates that may occur can wait until you get back.

Abroad: Only Bringing Necessities

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So, besides the technology you leave behind, what should you bring with you? A holiday is, first and foremost, about relaxing. Using your technology constantly isn’t something you want to do why go abroad to do what you would otherwise do at home?

That said, some technology can prove useful. A mobile phone, for instance, is clearly handy in an emergency. Unless you need to contact someone, this is something you want to leave turned off. Not only will this conserve power (it’s difficult, even with a converter, to charge a phone abroad), it will stop your phone from incurring roaming charges and other additional costs.

Likewise, you can bring the likes of an Amazon Kindle, music players and other leisure items. Whilst these are good for relaxing, don’t be afraid to put them down, turn them off or simply go explore and enjoy your surroundings. Likewise, be careful using them at or near the pool or sea; water and electronics do not go well together.

The Unwanted and Unused

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Between these two areas, of course, lies that technology which isn’t used, and generally is unwanted. When these devices take up space, what are you meant to do with them?

In short, if you have various devices that you neither want nor use, this would be an ideal chance to sell them for cash. Most electronic items can fetch a reasonable price online, so you have no excuse for not looking. Taking something you don’t want and turning it into money is never a bad thing; before a holiday, it allows you to turn off your unwanted technology and turn it into more spending money, which should help you better enjoy your holiday in the long run.


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