How To Make Money From Your Home

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Chances are you spend much of your life in your house and whilst you’re paying for it through your rent or mortgage, it doesn’t necessarily give you much back. Yes, you’ve got a roof out of your head but you can actually use your home to make money in other ways too and also from sites like  . Below are ten top ways you can make money from your home.

Spare Room Lodger

The government has set up the potentially profitable rent-a-room scheme which gives people with a spare room the chance to earn up to £4,250 a year without taxes. You simply need to find a lodger who you’re comfortable living with and you’re onto a winner.

Event Hot Spot

If you’re lucky enough to live near to a sports or festival venue then your home could net you a mini fortune when a big event takes place. Renting out your home during the Edinburgh or Glastonbury festivals or for a big sporting event such as the Masters Golf Tournament can be highly profitable. Plenty of Londoners made a killing during the Olympics.

Film Set

You could rent out your home to film and TV companies too as a location set. Registering with one of the companies should be easy enough and although demand is usually for large spacious houses, films are still made inside little terraces too!

Photo Shoots

If you have a home which has something a little different about it chances are you can rent it out as a photo shoot set. Photographers are always looking for somewhere unusual to snap their next shot and if you think your home is one of these places there are websites easily relocatable where you can sign up.

Become A Host

Rent out your room to a student who’s in England from their home country for the summer or perhaps a school term. It’s a great way of providing a safe environment for a young person and earns you a little cash too.

Swap Houses

This isn’t exactly money maker but it is a way of saving cash. If you organise a house swap you can save cash on your holidays as you visit the home of the person you’ve chosen to swap with. There are opportunities worldwide.

Use Your Office

Your home office is usually the least used room and perhaps you should start making use of it. Make money online by completing surveys. You collect points on many sites and when you’ve collected enough you’ll receive a cheque in the post.

Drive Way Cash

Listing your drive or garage online can give you a little extra pocket money to play with. You can rent out your drive when it’s not in use and people tend to earn between £50 and £300 month without having to do anything much at all.

Clutter Away

Sell your old stuff and reorganize your home. Sell your old, unused laptop for cash, re home all those old books you haven’t looked at for years and enjoy a clean and tidy home without mess and junk everywhere. You can use the cash you make to treat yourself!

Mini Farm

If you have a large garden that you don’t make much use off why not consider turning it into a small holding? You can keep chickens and grow vegetables and then sell on your produce.


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