Questions To Ask When Searching For The Perfect Party Venue

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As much as you love your home, it might not be quite large enough for a party you are eagerly preparing. Whether the festivities will be for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or something else, you might need to hire a venue more fitting for that party. Here are vital queries to ask before you do.

What is covered by the price?

You could risk getting tripped up when the venue quotes you a price for the first time. You could, for example, too readily assume that particular services are free when, in reality, they come with their own charges that aren’t even included in that quoted price.

To prevent getting caught out, you should – when presented with this price – clarify whether it includes services including water and catering, urges this Eventbrite article.

How much of your budget will the venue and food take up?

Once you have pinned down exactly what you will get for your financial outlay, heed this “golden rule” cited by The Cut: the venue and food should account for under half of your total budget. That’s because you will need surplus cash to pay for other, less expected charges.

Rest assured that, even if your budget is tight, this doesn’t have to cripple your efforts to put on a proper party. Think creativity by considering venues that you might have previously ruled out.

How many guests do you anticipate for the event?

Despondency could set in when you look up the guest capacity for a particular venue and notice that it falls short of your expectations. However, this venue could turn out to be surprisingly flexible.

These function rooms in Chester, County Durham, can each seat 100 people – but that’s just a guideline. Each suite can be fully adapted to particular needs. It’s worth remembering that a cocktail party can naturally accommodate more people than a seated dinner even in a space the same size.

Does the venue have its own sound system?

Another reason to consider either of the previously mentioned suites at Chester-le-Street Cricket Club is – if the party will include music – the option to utilise services of the venue’s in-house DJ.

This DJ can provide disco facilities and, before the event, liaise with you to ensure that the playlist is to your liking. Alternatively, you can have him simply draw upon his expertise to put together the soundtrack on his own accord. Meanwhile, other venues might not even feature any sound systems.

Which suppliers do the venue staff prefer?

It’s understandable to feel aggrieved if the venue staff refer you to a list of their “preferred” suppliers for on-site functions. However, there are genuine merits of selecting from this pre-decided menu of suppliers rather than insisting on checking out other options.

These companies could be familiar with the room specifications and, thus, what will look especially good in the space. Chester-le-Street Cricket Club outsources decoration provision to companies which might be recommended to you after you book a room by calling 0191 3883684.


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