Teal Swan: How Can Guided Meditation Help You In Your Inward Journey?

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Most people are afraid to face their inner fears and prefer living in pretence over being authentic. The outcome is nothing but pain and suffering. To overcome this pain and suffering, one should seek spiritual refuge under a mentor or guide skilled in the field. This helps the person face the fears that stop inner transformation and healing.

Teal Swan And The Power Of Guided Meditations

Teal Swan is an inspirational name in new age spirituality and metaphysics. She is a celebrated author, artist, and motivational speaker from the USA. She is no stranger to it when it comes to human pain and suffering. She suffered immense abuse during her childhood. Today, she believes that her own experience has been able to help her heal people as she knows the accurate picture of life.

When it comes to positive change and transformation, guided meditations can play a crucial role in helping people in their inward journey. According to her, one cannot see or touch stress; however, it does affect the mind and body. This is why she has many spiritual tools accessible to her followers like guided meditation, tarot card readings, self-help videos, and more.

The Adverse Effects Of Stress

Stress is sometimes good; however, it is terrible for your health in overdoses. It hastens your heart rate and accelerates your breathing. Blood pressure increases as well. When you are under stress, the adrenal glands overproduce cortisol, a hormone in the body. This, in turn, affects the functions of the immune system, the brain, and other organs in the body. Chronic stress contributes to anxiety, depression, heart disease, and headaches. In rare cases, if it is not checked, it leads to premature death.

Reduce Pain, Suffering, And Stress With Meditation

You can’t remove the origins of stress, pain, and suffering; however, you can reduce its effects on the body. One of the most straightforward techniques for reducing anxiety is meditation, which helps one focus the attention inwards and induces a state of calm and deep relaxation.

Guided meditation is targeted at those people who cannot meditate on their own. When one starts to ponder, a cluster of thoughts invades the mind. Often, they can be so disturbing that the person does not wish to continue with the process. The technique for guided meditation helps here.

Free Guided Meditation Tools Available For Everyone

Teal Swan helps her followers alleviate pain, suffering, and stress with her free guided meditation programs available on her site. Meditation is simple and beautiful. The best part here is that you do not even need any equipment to get started.

You need a quiet space and some minutes daily if you are new to meditation. You can begin with 10 minutes initially or even commit to just five minutes twice a day. It is prudent to meditate simultaneously daily so that you establish a habit that helps you connect with your inner self and reduce the effects of stress, pain, and suffering on your body over time.


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