Ten Side Jobs You May Never Have Considered

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Working from home is something many people aspire to but it’s very rarely possible on a full-time basis, especially if you’ve got a family to support. However there are plenty of from-home businesses you can set up and fit around your lifestyle to make a little extra cash. We’ve got ten ideas below that may not have crossed your mind.

Collectible Dealing

If you’ve always had an interest in collectibles and antiques then why not put your skills to the test? Try out a little dealing and you could turn your hobby into a source of income. Targeting your market is easy online or you can go to traditional auctions.


If you’ve got a spare room or two and you’re in an area popular with tourists there’s nothing to stop you setting up as a B&B. You will need planning, mortgage lender and health and safety permissions but this may be worth it if you think there’s cash to be made.

Baking Up

If you like baking up a storm in your kitchen then make a business out of it. You can be sure others will enjoy your sweet treats. You will need food safety training and your kitchen will need to be checked out by the environmental health but you’ll soon be able to advertise your treats and starting making some readies.


It’s not just teenagers who can be babysitters and increasingly parents are looking for older, more responsible people to look after their children. It may only be a few extra pounds but it makes a difference.

Car Cleaning

Not the most glamorous of jobs but if you could give your neighbours a hand in keeping their cars sparkling clean there’s cash to be made in it. People will pay, especially if you’ll provide the service on their doorstep.

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sale income can easily be a great way of boosting your bank balance. Whether you’ve got a particular line to sell or just want to empty your drawers and sell the old Samsung Tocco Lite and other mobile phones languishing then there’s a space for you.

Data Entry

This isn’t going to inspire you or be the most fun activity of your life but it does generate cash. Most data entry jobs will pay you by the volume you do – so you will receive a rate per hour dependent upon the number of entries you can input. Most popular data entry services is real estate appraisal data entry services  pertaining to all aspects of real estate appraisal, such as real estate mortgage, house taxes, insurance, development, investment, and selling.

Computer Repairs

Many people still have a huge problem handling the technology in their homes and the smallest problem can be a catastrophe. If you have a good deal of IT knowledge and the right manner to visit people’s homes and fix things, then why not advertise your services?

Pet Minding

If you love animals and don’t mind helping out others then consider becoming a minder. It can be as simple as dropping by and feeding someone’s pets whilst their on holiday or it could incorporate dog walking. You’ll need public liability insurance but aside from that you can get started.


If you have been a teacher in the past or have studied to a high level then why not tutor children? You can make a little money by this jobs  and it’s usually a really enjoyable experience. You can sign up to an agency who will sort out your CRB check or you can advertise yourself.

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