Top 3 Options For Exterior Décor With Decorative Concrete

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Whether you are remodelling a residential or a commercial property, you need to be a careful strategist when it comes to choosing your material options. Materials you use in the remodelling project make or break your overall project budget. The material will also ultimately define the look of the property once the remodelling has been done. Flooring, in particular, is a major part of the remodelling, which can create a huge impression on the final look of the project. Many of you might not have put a great emphasis on considering your choices for exterior flooring. However, your home exterior is the first impression that people get when they come to your place. Fortunately, with decorative concrete options, you can not only transform your exteriors but do so on a very affordable budget. Further concrete flooring is more durable so it will be quite a breeze to maintain the look for longer. Here are the top 3 choices for concrete flooring to redecorate your home exteriors.

Exposed Aggregate 

In this option you choose stone chips, marbles and tile pieces to be incorporated into the base concrete to create interesting textures for your driveway or poolside. The option is particularly best for outdoor pool decks. The textures create an interesting contrast to the shape of the pool. It also creates a rough surface which prevents the poolside from getting too slippery. However, make sure to choose the aggregate carefully when you are choosing this option for your driveway or any parking place where you will be keeping your cars. Loose stone chips can harm your tyres and clutter your driveway if not regularly maintained.

Liquid Limestone 

For outdoor decks and entertainment areas, choose liquid limestone to create a sleeker finish over concrete without pushing your budget to of bounds. The liquid limestone option offers many different tones and design choices which are more natural in their finish. It gives a unique look to outdoor decks, driveway borders and pool skirting if used in the correct tone contrast.

Honed Concrete 

If you are looking for appropriate options for your driveways and porches to bring out the look of a high-end flooring but without breaking the bank, pick honed concrete as your first choice. The honed concrete floor is usually applied with a deeply penetrating quality sealer. This makes the final finished floor much more scratch-resistant. Driveways with higher foot traffic or cars running up and down throughout the day might find this a much more durable flooring option than stone pavers or gravel chips. Further, the matte finish makes for an interesting look that is at once modern and unique.

The quality of the final texture and the finishing of the concrete flooring depends entirely too much on the quality of services provided by your suppliers. As such, look for elite suppliers located Perth Western Australia, who have a wide range of recommendations and reviews available by satisfied customers. Make sure to arrange for a one to one consultation and a property review with the specialists before you start the negotiations and planning for the flooring.


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