What Is Legionella And Why You Should Be Controlling It?

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Legionella is a type of bacteria found commonly in water. It can easily breed in water pipelines, domestic fittings, water tanks, treatment plants, etc. Water temperatures are anywhere between 20 to 45 degrees Celsius. This means that water pipelines in residential, hotels, restaurants, etc., should be treated will to identify and control the bacteria, for it can be fatal. Stating that, below we will be discussing more Legionella and how we should be controlling.

Understanding Legionella 

Legionella is a disease name after the bacteria which causes it. It is similar to pneumonia but more fatal. The hot and water outlets that are used for containing and storing water at a specific temperature and are not regulated portray the threat of Legionella bacteria. These may include air conditioning plants, hydrotherapy baths, swimming pools, hot water tubs, etc. Usually, these kinds of units are found in more hotels, spas, corporations, industrial units etc. However, the bacteria can be found in all man-made systems of hot and cold water or where they may find a suitable environment to grow. Legionella control, therefore, is about managing and controlling the bacteria in such units. In addition, legionella reaches people through water droplets which they might inhale by going near the water systems.

How To Manage Legionella?

To manage Legionella, one must refer to the following steps:

  • Recognising The Risk: First and foremost, every premises with water pipelines and storage units should focus on getting regular Legionella Risk Assessment. It is the legal duty of those responsible either the landlords or the owner of the buildings and thus they must be keeping a tab on legionella water assessment.
  • Identifying And Managing: After the assessment is done, the responsible person must maintain the assessment regularly by contacting professional and experienced agencies to carry out such tests.
  • Taking Preventive Measures: Both prevention and control are important when it comes to managing Legionella. To prevent Legionella, one must enable less storage of water. Less storage means using water as a whole and filling it again to be used again. Conditions like temperature control, eliminating rust and mold, etc. should be maintained regularly. While Legionella control may help suitable authorities to come and make the necessary arrangements to eliminate any risk if there.
  • Maintaining Records: Like any other record-keeping diary, one must record the regular risk assessments and findings. The data is crucial in terms of representing the legalities concerned with risk assessment and management.


Legionella is a serious disease that has once caused fatal outbreaks in history. Since then, the control of Legionella has become a legal responsibility of places providing and storing a large amount of water at a set temperature. Thereby, its control is not only a preventive measure but also a legal duty.


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