Gene Bernshtam – Reasons To Start Traveling In The Post-Pandemic Era

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Traveling came to a halt after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. However, with the upliftment of lockdown restrictions, vaccination drives, and international borders reopening, people are now brave enough to travel to new places. Traveling is good for the mind, and one should always take time out for it to boost their health.

Gene Bernshtam is a leading businessman and property developer in the USA fond of traveling, scuba diving, and weight lifting. In addition, he is an avid collector of cars and knows a lot about them. He has served in multiple companies as a Chief Executive Officer and is a successful property developer in the nation.

He recently launched a blog to help online readers know more about automotive sales, real estate, and business. In addition, he regularly gives his readers valuable insights to make better-informed choices in these areas.

Traveling And Its Health Benefits

Tourism and traveling have resumed; however, the pace is still sluggish. In his opinion, professionals must have solid work ethics, but at the same time, they should take mental breaks regularly, at least once or even twice a year. Traveling is an excellent form of mental rejuvenation, helping a person return refreshed and more alert to focus on their subsequent career or professional goals.

Curb Work And Family Pressure With Traveling

Numerous studies have proven that traveling has several health benefits to curb work and professional pressures. For example, men who went on one vacation have a 30% lesser chance of dying from heart problems. On the other hand, another study says people who do not go on breaks face a higher risk of falling ill from heart disease.

Lifts Depression In Women

The research was conducted among 15,000 women, and here it was revealed that traveling curtails risks against depression in females in a large way. Unfortunately, though traveling has resumed in most countries, people are still hesitant to plunge. However, staying indoors or in the same environment for a long time takes a toll on your mental and physical health. Therefore, it is prudent to travel once in a while, even for short trips to refreshen the mind and body.

Gain A Better Perspective Of Life

According to him, when you travel around the world, you gain a new perspective of life. You meet people from different cultures and visit iconic wonders of the world. Experiencing a different culture helps you improve your vision of the globe and improve your grip on the realities of life.

Learning is not confined to a school alone. Traveling gives everyone a broader perspective on the subjects like history, sociology, geography, economy, and more in real. The lessons you learn are enriching and stay with you for life.

According to Gene Bernshtam, traveling makes you more resilient, as when you stay in a new place, you are vulnerable. However, your mind gets the diversion it needs for peace at the same time. You are calm and observant of the new place, people, culture, and food. In short, traveling gives you the “restart” button you need from time to time in life!


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