ISO 9001 – Its Importance For An Organization

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ISO standards are globally recognized allowing it for a consistent framework in the context of quality management irrespective of where your company is situated. It also makes doing business with organizations in different countries quite easier since you have been working following a standard set of suggested practices.

Here, we are going to mention the significance in a detailed manner. Let’s understand it –

  • Customer Focus – The prominent emphasis of quality management is customer satisfaction, coming across customer needs, and striving to exceed customer expectations.
  • Leadership – The next on the list s that leaders at all levels establish unity of purpose as well as direction and create conditions in which folk is engaged in the context of getting the organization’s quality objectives.
  • Engagement – Competent, empowering, and engaging folk at all levels all across the organization are quite important to the quality management process.
  • Process Approach – Consistent as well as predictable results are churned out more effectively as well as efficiently when it comes to business processes functioning together in the form of a coherent system truly.
  • Improvement – The most important thing is that successful organizations commit themselves in order to continual improvement.
  • Evidence-Oriented Decision Making – Decisions oriented on the analysis as well as evaluation of information are truly likely to create the desired results.
  • Relationship Management – To sustain success, an organization manages its relationships with its interested parties including suppliers.

Regarding ISO 9001 Certification Process

Becoming ISO 9001 certified needs planning, commitment, and resources. The most important thing is that our certification body needs a simple 3-step process –

  • Gap Analysis – A consultant visited the offices in order to review and document its current processes as well as procedures then pay attention to any areas which did not go with the standard’s needs.
  • Implementation – There are any changes required to existing processes as well as procedures are required.
  • Certification – An auditor explores its office annually in order to go through all sorts of documented processes being followed as well as once they are satisfied, a new certificate is introduced.

Should I Have ISO 9001 Certification

The most important thing is that the ISO 9001 standard is part of the ISO 9000 family of standards which is all about addressing quality management. Moreover, only ISO 9001 is regarded as eligible for certification.

Certification for ISO 9001 is not legally required and the auditing, as well as certification process, can truly be quite costly depending on the basis of size and scope of your organization many organizations prefer to become ISO 9001 certified since they realize the significance of ISO certification.


Getting an attestation of ISO compliance from a certification body accredited by ISO’s commitment to Conformity Assessment demonstrates that your enterprise is serious regarding quality assurance. It also enhances your reputation as well as imparts you a competitive edge over non-certified organizations.


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