Roman Blinds: Way To Bring Style And Class Into Your Interior Decor

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Roman blinds are an extremely affordable way to bring style into your interior decor. They are among the best options in comparison to full size curtains, when it comes to windows. Let us learn more about these blinds.

What are Roman Blinds? 

Roman Blinds are a type of window covering. These were invented centuries ago. Earlier, instead of windows blinds or any type of window covering, a piece of clothing was used to provide shade from light. Later a tougher material such as wood and glass were introduced and used for window treatment and these cloths were later modified by attaching strings and pulleys to make them blinds.

How are Roman Blinds constructed? 

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For making roman blind, a flat cloth is used. Several equally spaced pockets are stitched in the cloth in the horizontal direction. Inside these pockets rods are placed. These rods can either be made of plastic, or wood, or steel and are connected using cords. These cords are then connected to a pulley. So, when one pulls the chord the curtain moves upward vertically by forming rectangular folds and when lowered, the cloth becomes flat and covers the window entirely. It is very important that the measurement of the window is taken correctly before making a Roman blind or else wrong measurements will ruin the purpose of a ‘blind’ in the first place.

Which rooms should I include these in? 

Roman Blinds are available in a wide variety of options that they can be used in practically any room. They provide a clean and sophisticated look and make any room much more elegant. Usually  these Blinds can be found in living rooms, bedrooms, Study rooms, Meeting rooms, and other such rooms which often face harsh sunlight. It is also advised to use light or pale colors in such rooms in order top revent blinds from fading over the years. In bedrooms, blinds having black linings are advised as it will ensure that not even a single ray of light seeps in, ensuring you of a room where one can rest with undisturbed sleep. Moreover, rather than spending more money on curtains which are hard to maintain, choose these sophisticated blinds that serve the purpose at low cost.

How to Operate these Blinds?

  • When the chords are pulled the lowest rod of the blind goes up to meet the highest rod.
  • While coming up it creates folds due to the other rods. The number of folds depends on how long you want your blind, or how many rods you have installed in your blind.
  • All the chords, rods, and channels are hidden behind the cloth making the blind look extremely neat.

This is the reason one can choose a cloth of any type when it comes to buying such Blinds. 

Can one use any cloth to make a Roman Blind? 

The best thing about these Blinds is that any material of any weight, thickness or design can be used. The only requirement is that it should be flat. One can go for plain curtains with colors that complement their wall, or they can go ahead with patterns such as stripes, blocks, polka, or any other pattern which would suit their walls. When it comes to choosing the material, one should always choose the optionwhich is cheap and easy to wash because it is not the material which makes the blinds look elegant it is the design which makes it a hit.

Author: Aprajita Kohli


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