The Benefits Of Customized Letterhead

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Letterhead is just one of the many traditional items that have been given a boost by modern technology. Mass customizing letterhead is easier than it ever was. Where even just 15 years ago, you were more likely to see boilerplate letterhead, developments in online printing have allowed even small businesses to affordably kit out their whole team with high-quality letterhead specific to their needs.

It’s not just organizations that are enjoying custom letterhead either – more individuals are now having their own custom letterhead made. A lot of it has been due to a resurgence of letter writing, but the democratization of design tools and simple online ordering processes is also playing a major role in the increase in demand.

And just why do companies and individuals get customized letterhead? The reasons are surprisingly similar. Here are just some widely recognized benefits of having letterhead custom made to your needs.

It Sets You Apart From The Herd

You’re not like other people. Your business is not like that of your competitors. Why should you have letterhead similar to anyone else’s? Letterhead is a physical stand-in for you and your business. Therefore, you want to use it to both put your best foot forward and distinguish yourself from everyone else. When designed well, it can be a potent force in shaping a recipient’s idea of your or your business, even before you meet.

Custom Letterhead Makes Your Message Tangible

The mere fact that letterhead is an actual physical object can give the message written on it more meaning. Most people certainly find letters more valuable and meaningful than emails or text messages. Even phone calls sometimes fail to deliver the sort of impact a letter does. The physical weight of the letterhead often suggests a greater weight to the words as well – which is why many choose special paper for letterheads that are to contain more important messages.

Customized Letterhead Makes Letters A Joy To Read

Apart from letters that obviously contain bills or other bad news, seeing unique and interesting letterhead in the mail will make a recipient perk up and take notice. Even simple messages become a delight to read.

Consider the fact that most of us receive a lot of junk mail a year. By some estimates, the average American household gets between 800 and 1,000 pieces of junk mail every year. Let’s face it – most of this mail gets chucked in the trash and does not benefit the senders or the recipients. Neither does most of it bring joy, especially to hapless postal workers– and least of all to the trees that will have to be harvested to produce that junk mail.

Thoughtfully designed custom letterhead, on the other hand, can spark and maintain a recipient’s interest, making it more likely they will read the message the whole way through. This means less waste and more happiness and delight in the world. Who knew paying more attention to your letterhead can do such a thing?


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