What Makes Savoy A Hotspot Tourist Destination

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The modern age brought with it many boons but at the same time, it made life for the common individual pretty hectic. One hardly finds any time to stop and smell the roses let alone take a trip with their loved ones!

With that stated, when one finally takes some time out to go on a trip, they should choose Savoy, France as their destination.


Well, during the summer season, Savoy becomes a hotspot for tourists hailing from all over the globe as the region is famous for its challenging hiking trails and beautiful lakes.

During the winter season, Savoy becomes the preferred destination for the ones who are aces or simply enthusiastic about winter sports, specifically skiing! Savoy and its ski resorts are known all over the globe for their insane heights!

Val Thorens is the highest village in Europe dedicated to skiers and it sits at a height of 2300 m! Tignes, on the other hand, is known for its insanely high ski run that starts at 3550 m! Les 3 Vallées holds the record of being the largest ski resort in the world that has ski runs spanning more than 600 km!

Other most notable and popular ski resorts one can find in Savoy are –

  • La Plagne
  • Méribel
  • Les Saisies
  • La Rosière

If one is not so excited about sliding down the slopes of a snowy mountain then they can also take a trip to the nearby cities of Annecy and Chambéry. Both these cities are popular for their spectacular castles, picturesque lakes and of course natural beauty!

Alpinists also prefer Savoy over other places in France when it comes to scaling up and down a mountain. Hiking, as mentioned earlier, is also a popular activity among tourists visiting the place!

One can also participate in other thrilling activities like paragliding whose starting points are often from the highest summits in Savoy!

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