Why Hiring a Holiday Cottage is Better Than a Hotel

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Suffolk is one of the most picturesque counties in Southern England, and as such is frequented by holidaymakers all through the year. Not only does Suffolk have a striking coastline lined with footpaths and seaside towns, but it is also home to countless chocolate box villages, expanses of countryside and farmland, complete with grazing livestock and more pubs, orchards and vineyards than you could possibly hope to visit.

Because of all this, you won’t struggle to find a hotel room – or a holiday cottage – in Suffolk. But which is better?

In this article, we discuss why Suffolk cottages and holiday homes are often a more enjoyable, and better value, experience for holidaymakers and staycationers.

Holiday cottages have more living space

Hotels tend to put you in an oversized bedroom, which likely has all the amenities you need to relax for an afternoon and make a cup of coffee, but without the same separated areas and living spaces.

The challenge here is that if you have children with you who all have separate bedtimes, you either pay for several different rooms so that they can go to bed at the right time, or you all have to settle down once the first goes to bed. It also means that while each person gets ready, you either need to sit in the room and wait for them or go somewhere else entirely – there is no separate living space in which to sit and relax.

Holiday cottages may be pet friendly

Some of the best holiday cottages in Suffolk combine access to living spaces and other amenities with dog-friendly facilities.

Not only does this mean that they are more likely to have an outside space for a dog to run around in, but the properties themselves are set up to allow dogs inside. The chances of finding a dog-friendly hotel are much slimmer.

The location of a holiday cottage is often better

It makes sense that most hotels, even in rural Suffolk, are found in more densely populated areas – such as towns and larger villages. Conversely, you are more likely to find holiday cottages in quieter areas of the countryside, surrounded by rural landscapes and beautiful views.

If you are visiting Suffolk to truly immerse yourself in the scenery and the expanses of land around you, a holiday cottage will be more likely to put you right in the heart of the great outdoors.

Even on days when you want to keep it local and stick within the immediate vicinity of your holiday cottage, you will find that most renowned holiday cottages have some kind of garden to enjoy – with some even boasting swimming pools, local ponds, wildlife walks and more.

Suffice it to say, Suffolk has plenty to offer no matter where you stay. However, for us, the flexibility and access to amenities that you get with a holiday cottage pushes it just over the edge as the better option.
To find your perfect holiday home in Suffolk, head online and search for Suffolk cottages.


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