Don’t Spend Another Day In Business Without The Aid Of These 5 Amazing Sales Software Tools

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In the cut-throat world of sales, companies are always on the lookout for the right software to give them a leg up on the competition. These 5 amazing sales software tools are the best way to guarantee your firm goes into every sales negotiation with a competitive edge


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Spiro is the ultimate AI solution to boost productivity and ensure your sales team spend their time actually selling. It scans your company emails and updates important contact information, company data, calendar appointments, follow-up appointments, and sales opportunities automatically.

This means CRM data entry becomes a thing of the past, leaving your employees to focus on the personal side to sales, like building relationships, chasing leads, and meeting prospects. Through the use of Spiro alone, companies were able to chase more than 40% extra prospects each week and close 20% more sales.


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TradeGecko is an inventory management software designed to manage sales and supply chains. It allows businesses to track stock, manage product descriptions, and monitor product performance, all in one place.

Once you have received the order, TradeGecko automatically processes them, and invoices the customer after the deal has been closed and received. There are also business metrics features that generate detailed product and stock reports to boost productivity and performance.


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Conga is a document creation tool which allows you to streamline your sales process by streamlining workflow and approvals. It allows you to create a library of document templates, and through its Wizard-base document creation, much of the data entry can be automated.

Its safe and secure cloud depositary system also ensures your documents are protected from prying eyes and allows firms to quickly and effectively manage their document security.

MarcomCentral Enterprise

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Marketing is key to driving sales. MarcomCentral is a sales enablement software which allows sales teams to use their own personalized marketing efforts without having to involve an external marketing department.

Sales reps can send presentations, onboarding kits, and playbooks to clients at the touch of a button, without the need to upload documents or wait for marketing to develop personalize content.

Badger Maps

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When visiting leads, knowing the geographical location of each client and prospect is essential for maximising your sales representative’s time. Badger maps charts the geolocation of potential leads, allowing salespeople to plan routes, identify areas for expansion, or channel digital and physical marketing efforts for the maximum impact.

Badger Maps also allows leads and clients to be filtered by attributes, allowing representatives to color code prospects in their territory depending on the client’s individual needs or stage of the sales process.

For salespeople in the field in charge of their own territory, having a one-stop location for customer relations and maps is a huge boost to productivity.

These digital tools are built to maximize sales performance and boost company growth and productivity. AI is providing companies with extensive opportunities to increase productivity.

This doesn’t just affect your bottom line, it also increases staff job satisfaction. Salespeople want to sell. They want to meet customers and forge relationships. Data entry has long been a necessary evil. Now, thanks to automation, it doesn’t have to be.


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